Telephone Line Failure

On Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at approximately 4:00PM our office suffered a catastrophic failure to a portion of the telephone lines (including fax lines) coming in. We noticed the problem right away and reported it to our vendor, which worked through the night to troubleshoot and subsequently fix the issue.

As of Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 8:45AM the problem has been resolved.

In 11 years, this is the first major telephone line outage we have ever and will be working with vendors to help mitigate an issue like this in the future.

We apologize if you attempted to call us during this outage.

EDIT-1 2010-10-13@10:32AM: The resolution was short-lived and we're still having issues. Our vendors are on it and working hard to restore service. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT-2 2010-10-13@12:33PM: Technicians are currently working as quickly as possible to restore the line. An alternate way to contact us until this issue is resolved is through email: click here.

EDIT-3 2010-10-13@8:12PM: Our phone lines are up, however, they're intermittently failing. Our vendors are still working hard to restore service. Thanks for your continued patience as we strive to get back to normal.

EDIT-4 2010-10-14@11:34AM:Our telephone service has been restored to complete operation. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience while trying to communicate with us.