Frequently Asked Questions - Plan Payments

Plan payments are only accepted at:

SV Cases:
Chapter 13 Trustee
PO Box 512566
Los Angeles, CA 90051-0566

ND Cases:
Chapter 13 Trustee
PO Box 92401
Los Angeles, CA 90009-2401

Only certified checks or money orders are accepted at the payment addresses. Plan payments must be made payable to "Chapter 13 Trustee," and must have your case number and last name written on the instrument.

As a security measure, plan payments are not accepted at the Trustee's office address.

We also offer automatic processing of plan payments (automated debit of your bank account). Go here to find out more!

The money order will be returned, and you will be considered delinquent. If you don't include this identifying information, the Trustee cannot be certain that she is posting the money to the correct case. By including this information, you are helping to ensure that your money is accurately accounted for.

No. As a security measure, no funds are accepted at the office address. If you mail them to the office address, they will be returned and you will be considered delinquent.

Only the judge in your case can change the due date for your payments. Contact your attorney for assistance in filing the proper papers to request a change in the due date.

Call you attorney immediately. Your attorney can file papers asking the judge to change the provisions of your plan by suspending payments, extending the plan, or possibly changing the monthly payment amount. Do not call the Trustee. The Trustee cannot change the provisions of your plan, or make any payment arrangements. Only the judge can do that.