Site Updates / Release Notes - 2012-12-19

-Several documents on the Forms page have been updated to current versions released this month.

-Available calendar dates have been updated through the end of 2013.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2012-01-19

Links to the "Proof of Claim" and "Voluntary Petition" forms on the Quick Links block displayed on the Home page have been fixed. The links were incorrectly pointing to forms that were no longer available.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2011-12-01

Added Revised Federal Forms effective December 1, 2011 to the Forms page:

  • Voluntary Petition
  • Proof of Claim

More inforamtion is available here and here.

Incoming Calls Issue (MAIN LINE ONLY)

We are currently experiencing problems with our main incoming telephone number (818-933-5700) and are not able to answer calls to it. We are working quickly to restore service.

We will update this entry as information is available.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

EDIT-1 2011-09-13@8:20AM: This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2011-07-10

This morning we pushed out an updated and re-designed AutoPay module. This update was largely based on the statistics we've compiled from the user experience. We hope this update makes it a lot easier for Debtor's to understand and enroll in, update, and cancel our AutoPay program.

We will continue to closely monitor the user experience and make changes as necessary.

If you have any comments or issues with the update, please contact Michael Lee.

Impact of Federal Government Shutdown

The Central District of California Bankruptcy Court will operate normally for approximately 10 days in the event of a Government shutdown.

Public Notice 11-007

More information can also be found on the Central District Court's website or on the US Courts site.

We will provide information related to United States Trustee Program operations as it is made available to us.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2010-04-08

-Removed ACH form and other information (use AutoPay now)
-AutoPay has been introduced, for automatic ACH drafts.
-Added HTTPS for pages where user input is used.
-Added AutoPay menu item to top menu bar.
-Removed search box from top menu bar.
-Updated NDC link to use HTTPS by default.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2010-12-20

-The calendar has been updated to reflect the change from Judge Thompson to Judge Kaufman, and a shift from 10:00am to 9:30am, beginning February 2011
-Added Holiday schedule notice to the top of all pages
-Added ACH form and information
-Added "Statement of Current Monthly Income and Disposable Income Calculation" to the forms page
-Changed several icon-sets on various pages and pushed them live the past few months

Telephone Line Failure

On Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at approximately 4:00PM our office suffered a catastrophic failure to a portion of the telephone lines (including fax lines) coming in. We noticed the problem right away and reported it to our vendor, which worked through the night to troubleshoot and subsequently fix the issue.

As of Wednesday, October 13, 2010 at 8:45AM the problem has been resolved.

In 11 years, this is the first major telephone line outage we have ever and will be working with vendors to help mitigate an issue like this in the future.

We apologize if you attempted to call us during this outage.

EDIT-1 2010-10-13@10:32AM: The resolution was short-lived and we're still having issues. Our vendors are on it and working hard to restore service. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT-2 2010-10-13@12:33PM: Technicians are currently working as quickly as possible to restore the line. An alternate way to contact us until this issue is resolved is through email: click here.

EDIT-3 2010-10-13@8:12PM: Our phone lines are up, however, they're intermittently failing. Our vendors are still working hard to restore service. Thanks for your continued patience as we strive to get back to normal.

EDIT-4 2010-10-14@11:34AM:Our telephone service has been restored to complete operation. We apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience while trying to communicate with us.

Site Updates / Release Notes - 2010-08-31

-Added the Home Affordable Modification Program information page
-Added several new links to the Bankruptcy Links page
-Updated the Proof of Claim PDF on the Forms page to the latest version
-Removed the old Local Bankruptcy Rules PDFs on the Forms page
-Changed text for the debtor attorney login link on the Case Information page
-Made several verbiage changes to the Debtor Attorney Login page
-Changed text on the 341(a) Meetings page

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