Anything else I should know?

Complying with a Chapter 13 plan is not easy. You may have to make a real sacrifice to meet the obligations that you have specified in your plan and still live within your Chapter 13 budget. Thousands of families have successfully completed their Chapter 13 plans and know that they have resolved their debt problems

How is ‘New Credit’ after Chapter 13?

Your credit rating during and after completion of your Chapter 13 plan will be based on information provided by individual creditors. Your credit history is made available to creditors who then make independent determinations whether or not to grant credit to you. Suits, collections, attachments and bankruptcies are indications, in one degree or another, of

Can I request a status report?

Absolutely! You can view up-to-date case information on the National Data Center’s site, including status of your case. Additionally, we also e-mail status reports annually to all confirmed debtors.