What are Notice of Change of Address of Creditor and Notice of New Creditor?

It is not uncommon for a creditor to sell its claim to another creditor, or for a creditor to change its name or address. When the Trustee receives information that a creditor has changed its name or address, the Trustee will send you and your attorney a notice that is similar to a NIPC, but which has important differences. The “Notice of Change of Address of Creditor” is self-explanatory. The “Notice of New Creditor” is sent when the Trustee is informed that a creditor has changed its name, or that the debt has been assigned to a different creditor.

It is extremely important that you review any notice you receive from the Trustee carefully, and that you independently verify that the claims are valid and that any change of creditor name or address is accurate. If you do not object to a claim, or to a change of a creditor name or address, you are instructing the Trustee to send your money to the new creditor or creditor address. If that new address or creditor name is not correct, it will be your responsibility to try to get your money back from the incorrect creditor. This applies to all creditors listed on the NIPC, the Amended NIPC, the Notice of Change of Address of Creditor, the Notice of New Creditor, and creditors listed on the Trustee’s Status Report. Remember: this is your case, your creditors, and your money. It is your responsibility to ensure that the proper creditors are being paid.

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